My experience buying an antique ring.

My personal blog about how I made researches and learn before I invested in antique jewelry.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Experience Buying an Antique Ring.
An antique diamond ring, engagement ring, wedding ring is always an investment. An antique diamond ring can be priceless and rare, especially if contains high-quality and high-grade diamonds.
I was looking forward to buy an antique diamond ring, the first thing I consider the 4Cs of a diamond, knowing these elements reveal the true value and rarity of a diamond. The 4Cs comprise of Carat, which refers to a diamond’s weight; Clarity, which measures the purity of a diamond; Cut, which determines the diamond’s brilliance and Color, what gauges the diamond’s whiteness.
Since it signifies romance, innocence, and reverence, antique diamond rings are becoming one of the most popular choices in engagement rings today.
Any jewelry to be qualified antique, it should be over than 100 years and originates from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, or Art Deco. Typically ornate and detailed, antique diamond rings are usually authentic pieces or a reproduction inlaid in gold, platinum, titanium and silver.
Also I new, an antique diamond ring must express character and history, which sets it apart from other modern designs. Before I purchase an antique diamond ring as a wedding or engagement ring, I consider to be professionally appraised to make it sure that all of its gems are authentic and to know if the ring has been repaired or if it needs repairs in case there are stone chips or cracks.
A research helped me to find out there are gemstones and designs other people consider as unlucky, I don’t believe in such myths, so I was ready for a piece like this and expected to be even less expensive. And the last I considered to deal with reputable jewelers only. I desided to visit diamond rings stores, fine jewelry stores, unique enengagement rings stores and it pays off. I finally got it, my desired piece, having all safeties: certification, appraisal and receipts. Now, I'm loking for more, even trying for loose diamonds from collectons, or if lucky for a famose one. So, I'm often visiting places with diamonds, unique diamonds.